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Why joining

Because we give you everything. Unique furniture manufactures with high coat-weight and thick boards (shelves and horizontal cabinets of 19 mm.), both the furniture and the backs, with fronts, doors and decoratives are made with last generation, ecologic and with the highest resistance materials. Therefore, it consists on a product without competence, with a distinct and elegant design for an unbelievable price.

The best domain

We sum up in this name our capacity to unite the best offer of the decoration sector also with the communication channel that is used by more than 1500 millions of people all over the world: Internet. We are going to reach you all: youngsters that get independence, couples that want to renovate their homes, families that are looking for a different and more useful space, passionated by the design that do not conform with the same as always, etc.

We have the absolute control
of the whole production process
of our kitchen furniture Cocinas.com

We control all the time the manufacturing process, the delivery and the quality controls through the group companies specialize In the manufacturing and distribution of the kitchen furniture, the highest resistance doors, handles and complements to decorate the interior of the furniture.

Why cocinas.com

Up to 2500
kitchen configurations

We advise you from the very beginning to the end of the process

We place at your disposal our designers and our marketing department that will offer you a nowadays image of your store that will attract customers.

An innovative design programme

A programme that facilitates every new design and allows you to make a budget and in an easy and quickly way pass the order, controlling the traceability all the time.

Design your kitchen

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Steps to follow to become a distributor

If you are interested in becoming part of a team like ours.


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"En Cocinas.com Palma nos gustaría remarcar la gran calidad de los muebles de cocina que p..."

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